The Certified Public Technology Manager Program (CPTM) is for emerging and current team, departmental and project leaders who wish to expand their management skills. This program runs 6 months, and requires two in-person, one- to two-day work sessions held in conjunction with the FLGISA winter and annual (summer) conferences. Work is also conducted online monthly, with a final project due prior to the final work session.

The Certified Government Chief Information Officer Program (CGCIO) is for those who are in or who are striving to be in executive leadership positions, CIOs or those functioning in a CIO capacity. This 240-hour, 12-month program consists of  in-person work sessions held in conjunction with the FLGISA winter and annual (summer) conferences and district meetings as well as monthly online assignments. A Capstone Project must be completed, pass peer review, and be presented to a peer audience prior to graduation. 

Participants may register for the CPTM or CGCIO Programs. The CPTM Certification is the first 100 hours of work toward the CGCIO Certification. Once the CPTM work is completed, participants may return within three years of graduation to finish the remaining hours and work needed to earn the CGCIO certification without having to start the program from the beginning.

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Ready to fill out an application? Registration is now open for both CPTM and CGCIO until February 28. Acceptance decisions will be made at that time and notifications will go out early March. If any seats remain after the 2/28 deadline, additional applications will be accepted for review until the class is full.