2011 Certified Chief Information Officers & Certified Public Technology Managers!

Graduation from the CPTM or CCIO program requires both dedication and hard work. We would like to congratulate the 2011 class on their graduation from the CCIO & CPTM program! Below you can view all the members of the class.

Jeannett M. Benson

Guy Buzzelli

Richardo A. Castillo

Douglas Chorvat, Jr.

Tony Curtis

Hermon Davis

Lisa DiDonato

Kevin Edwards

Nick Fatolitis

Patricia K. Gehant

Scott Gutauckis

Hoa Ngoc Hoang

Bob Lange

Matthew Mattson

Phillip Murray

Eric Rupert

Vanessa Sauveur

David Thompson

Tina Tysinger

Vilmantas Vitas

Bruce Williams